If I know anything about my body, it’s that is in constantly changing. I guess Newton knew a thing or two about an object in motion… but did he take into account gravity? Gravity is some serious shit. Just when I think I’m ok and settled with the way “things” have become and hung differently, they change! That’s not to say it’s all bad. After a baby or two, sometimes things slide back into a reminiscent state of the original. Mostly not. Mostly gravity ravages my body and turns parts of it into something unrecognizable. To me, anyway. And then, I realize that none of it really matters. I mean, REALLY matters. Sure, I look in the mirror and poke and prod at different parts that used to look better. Of course. But then, I realize that I can go to the gym, lift heavier, drink more water, spend more time on accessory work, eat cleaner using the best nutritional program out there, and make a much bigger difference than gravity. I can’t reverse the aging process but I can fight it tooth and nail. And I can do my best to be my best. Be your best self.

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